Privacy policy and cookies

Personal information protection

Personal information on our web pages is limited to e-mail addresses in connection with subscriptions to newsletters and name, telephone no., company and any comments from a general contact form.

Our newsletter is administered via the Mailchimp service, and it is possible to unsubscribe at any time via a link in the newsletters sent out. Contact information from contact forms is stored in Google Forms. This information is only used to contact those who wish to be contacted. Neither e-mail from newsletters nor contact information is shared with others.

Cookies and consent

By opening and obtaining information and/or using services on our web pages, you give consent to us placing cookies in your browser, as most browsers automatically accept cookies.

You can allow or block cookies by changing the settings in your browser. You will not be able to use all of the interactive elements on the website if you block the use of cookies.

Most recent browser versions allow you to manage stored cookies via the browser settings. You can find further information concerning cookies and how these are stored, managed and deleted on and in their article on managing cookies.

The following cookies are used on

Google Analytics (_ga, _gaid)
Antonymous traffic data monitoring the use of Google services.
See Google`s own guidelines.

Inspectlet (__insp_sid, __insp_ref, __insp_scpt, __insp_nv, __insp_wid, __insp_identity, __insp_uid)
A service used to monitor what users carry out on web pages. This is used to improve the user-friendliness of webpages. Read about Inspectlet`s handling of GDPR.

Contentful (ajs_group_id,cf_first_visit,cf_last_visit)
Contentful is used for content management of web pages. Articles and images are obtained from this service.

Facebook Pixel (act, c_user, datr, fr, precence, sb, wb, xs)
We use social plug-ins (Facebook «Pixel») from Facebook for sharing functions and to obtain information from our Facebook pages. These can be used to select target groups in connection with advertising or content publication See Facebook`s personal privacy information.

Net statistics

The web site uses Google Analytics (GA) for anonymous collection of traffic data. This is to help us improve the web site. Examples of the information provided by the statistics are; how many visitors view various pages; how long visitors remain on a specific page; which websites visitors come from and which browser is used.


We send out newsletters when we have notifications to send via e-mail to all those on the recipient list. Mailchimp is the data processor for the newsletter.

E-mail addresses are stored in the Mailchimp database; these are not shared with others and are deleted if a subscription is cancelled. Read Mailchimp`s peronal data declaration.


Escio uses Jira Servicedesk to handle customer enquiries and support services. By sending an e-mail to, a case is automatically set up in the system. E-mail from the sender is used to set up a user profile. This profile is used exclusively to contact the sender, to enable assistance to be provided and to handle two-way communication directly in connection with the case.


Escio uses Tripletex to manage client registers, finances, timesheets and accounting. Read details of data processing in Tripletex`personal privacy declaration.

Prosject management with Atlassian Cloud

Escio uses Atlassian Cloud and the products Jira and Confluence. This is used for certain clients to maintain order and structure in larger development projects. User profiles are set up - these can be self-managed by the client.

Atlassian is GDPR compliant, more information is available on this page. Atlassian`s personal privacy declaration is available on this page.